radiant floor heating

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Radiant Floor Heat

Radiant floor heating allows you to show off your beautiful floors and heat your home at the same time! Don't cover your ceramic tile, marble, or stone floors with rugs, show their beauty and allow them to give you the heat you want at the same time! The feeling of warmth under your feet when it's cold and snowing outside is like no other.

Radiant floor heating heats a structure by pumping warm water through specially designed tubing laid under or within the floor. The heat in these tubes radiates to the surface and rises evenly throughout the room above. The surface itself stays comfortably warm. This tremendously efficient heat transfer results in even, consistent heating.

Warm air rises, of course, and collects near the ceiling. In a home heated by convection, ceilings are always warmer than floors. With radiant floor heat, the floor is warm, and so is the air. So people within the space feel more comfortable at lower temperature settings because the heat is coming from the floor.

To deliver the heat, HeatLink PEX tubing is laid on the sub-floor and covered with a flowable lightweight concrete. It can also be installed in the lower level concrete floor or underneath the joist space, which is called a 'dry' or 'staple-up' installation.

You may place any floor surface above the system, including carpet, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring and wood.