Who We Are
Mark Yurcek

My name is Mark Yurcek and I own Radiant Works Inc.. I began in the industry in 1984 in the wholesale side of the business. Selling to plumbing and heating contractors throughout New Hampshire and Vermont, I found there was an emerging market in the radiant floor heating business. Still relatively new in this country, there was a need for training in the radiant floor heating field. I was in an ideal position to get training directly from the manufacturers and was able to pass this training along to heating contractors. After training and working side by side with the contractors, I found more satisfaction dealing directly with the home owner and installing the system than I did selling to contractors. In 1999 I went into business for myself and started Radiant Works. It was the best move I ever made.

We like technology and are proponents of high efficient equipment and aren't afraid to present it to you is a way that you can understand and most important we can make it affordable.